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Ad-Hoc Trend Tag Tree object with Mapped Paths

If using a datatype in ignition if an analog value within that datatype is pulled into an easy chart then only the member name is shown on the trend. Also it can be cumbersome to drill into each folder path to pull an individual tag over on to the trend. For now we have two installations where tags for devices which were originally historized by the datatype had to be recreated in an area->equipment->device hierarchical fashion so they were easy to find in a tag tree in runtime and the device name would appear on an easy chart when dragged in. Essentially we are recording the same data twice for each analog device because we need a cleaner way to present the data in an ad-hoc trend. What would be great (and also would replace our customers competitors platform at a number of plants) is if you had an ad-hoc trend that had some sort of interface allowing you create the tree interface for the object itself. For instance in ignition you have this path Processing/Equipment/Analog/161TT0202(UDT tag)/Value(Process Value). In the tag picker tree in runtime you want the hierarchy to look like Historian/Area161/Analog/161TT0202 where the tag name is what you pull on to the easy chart. If there was an interface where the user can specify their own structure for the tag picker tree and point each "tag" at an actual historian tag location then this would solve this. Also if there is a search feature that filters out all tags based on text entered into a text field and opens all the paths that would also be handy. So in summary the user would configure the object for three things, their own custom tree location in the object, the tag name that they want to appear in the tree as well as in the easy chart when they drag it over, and the historian path that is associated with this tag.

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