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How can we improve Ignition?

TCP driver Active or Passive connection

I think it would be very useful if TCP driver had an option to choose if we want Active or Passive connection to the other party.

Currently, TCP driver is Active connection only.
Active connection means, that TCP Driver will initiate the connection to the other party, which must be in passive (listen) mode.
Passive connection means, that TCP driver will be in passive (listen) mode, and another party will initiate the connection to the Ignition.

I have an upcoming project with 25 WLAN (wifi) handheld scanners. The scanner sends barcode string to the remote IP and port, but the remote IP must be in listen (passive) mode because the scanner is initiating the Active connection.
And now I can't use these scanners directly with Ignition because Ignition TCP Driver is also Active connection initiator.

I was on the phone with Ignition support and together we established, that this is the current situation. In order to get this implemented ASAP, they asked me to submit a new feature request and if enough people would find useful, then they'll do something about it. :smiley:

So, we need an option to choose Active/Passive connection in existing TCP Driver or another TCP Passive Driver (listen mode).

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