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Add 'Alarm Properties' for non-UDT tags E.g. {PathToParentFolder}

UDT tag alarms are able to use Alarm Properties such as {PathToParentFolder} and {TagName}. Non-UDT tags don't have any Alarm Properties, meaning non-UDT tag alarm display paths (for example) have to be manually written for each and every non-UDT alarm tag...
Usually I would use the 'replace' function to replace all forward slashes with spaces, and remove the site folder from the start of my tag structure, as well as the Alarms folder that I contain all my alarms within.
'Berri/Tank Farm/White Sparkling/Tanks/T5004/Temperature/Alarms/High Alarm'
would become:
'Tank Farm White Sparkling Tanks T5004 Temperature High Alarm'

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  • nminchin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It seems this might only be an issue in some versions of Ignition. I was using 7.9.5, however 7.9.6 apparently has this.

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