How can we improve Ignition?

Add scheduled triggering of custom actions/events

Most other SCADA packages allow you to schedule custom actions (events) to occur periodically (after x hours, at a specific time of day, on day or days, 1st of month, specific weekdays, etc. etc.).

For example, I would like to execute a script every four hours starting at midnight, every day. I'd also like to execute a script every 1st of the month at midnight. This can be done using gateway Timer scripts that execute every minute and manually checking for the right date/time conditions, or getting your head around using java's Timer or ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor functions, but these seem more like a workaround rather than a proper solution..

It would be great if we could just create a new 'Scheduled Event' in Ignition, configure a crontab style execution plan, and add the actions we want to execute.


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