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Invalid answer in Designer Basics

In the Designer Basics quiz there is the following question: "Turning on preview mode in the Designer will enable testing which of the following? Select all that apply."

There are 4 correct answers to choose from, and another answer that says "All of the above".

Because the other 4 answers are correct, "All of the above" is a valid answer, but it gets graded as wrong. Either that particular answer should be removed as a possibility, or the question should not allow "Select all that apply".

Also, this is not a good question because in the video it is stated that "...almost all of the functionality in Ignition is available inside the Designer in preview mode with notable exceptions being things like re-targeting." Without specific examples or naming of all the exceptions, it is not possible to know exactly what can be previewed other than "...almost all of the functionality in Ignition...". "Almost all" is very different than "all".

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  • Steven Fong commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Robert, thanks for the feedback. I'll forward this information to the training department.

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