When taking a look on the Ignition download page on inductive automation’s website, it would be noticed that for a full Ignition gateway, there is a link for an installer as well as the zipped folder of it. Having the installer helps a lot in upgrading an existing gateway system easily by just using the installer to perform the upgrade. However, for Ignition Edge, there is no link for any installer under any OS. This means that if an upgrade of an existing gateway is needed, the only way to do it is to backup the existing Ignition Edge gateway, wipe it out, replace it with the newer version then restore it. This is a messy and a time consuming way to do it. A work around that is using the EAM module. The problem with that is that it is an optional non-free module, so it is not always found in production and widely-deployed systems. Also, if the existing gateway has a license that does not include EAM, it cannot be used.
I believe that such a task to upgrade, especially for bugs fixes, should be easier and more straight forward. I am not sure if there is any technical reason behind not having an installer for Ignition Edge, but having the installer would offer a solution for this issue.