The steps on this are very clear cut and precise, however there are a few things that I struggled with on a Mac that I use daily that might not hurt to be added:
A bit more on setting the java_home parameters.
I really struggled finding some of the commands needed. I would list them all but some may not be necessary for most installations. I believe the video touches on this but the following link does not mention it:
The commands I needed mostly regarded the default java being used even after the install of the newest Java version, by default my Mac wanted to use the 1.6 version even tho 1.7 or 1.8 may be installed. Even after the command 'java -version' shows the latest version.
Also, a reminders that Ignition is not an approved 'app store app' so the Allow apps downloaded from: 'Anywhere' needs to be selected under 'Security & Privacy' or Ignition will not start up.
These two problems together were very troublesome because even after installing java 8 and setting it correctly, if the security settings are not modified the error in the wrapper.log has to do with the incorrect java version so it took quite some time to think about checking that setting.
Anyway, just a thought and something for those of you that may want to try this on a mac.