One of the questions in the "Configuring Historian" section of the "Tag Historian in Ignition" course seems incorrect. It asks:
"You are storing a tag using the tag historian. You are logging the point every 5 seconds, with an analog value mode, and a deadband of 2.0. Using the graph below and assuming the point at T1 was logged, which point is the next to get logged?"
Then it has a graphic, and based on my understanding of the deadband function the answer should be T2. But it says that is incorrect. The second time I tried the quiz, I gave the same answer, wondering if there was a mistake, but got it wrong again; the third time I tried the quiz the question did not appear. So I still don't know what the correct answer is.
Also, there is a nearly identical question in the quiz, except it specifies that you are using discrete value mode. That makes no sense because you should only use the discrete mode for a Boolean or similar tag, but the values in the graphic are varying between 0 and 20. I answered T2, and it happened to be correct. I do wonder, however, whether the goal of this question was to test me on what would happen if I used the discrete mode on an analog value, but that seems unlikely.