I would love for the ability to fully make the login screen like designing a view in perspective and for them to be specific to a project or at least able to be dynamically changed based off of a project. it would be grate if would could take what we have now but make it so we can have a different login screen based on what project is being opened so we could make the images for a specific client i would also love to be able to change the loading screen image to be different then the login image that we can choose right now. right now I was able to make an image that looks good for ether the login screen or the loading screen do to sizing of the text on the image it would be grate to be able to use Vector images/ use SVG files in this spots. I know for my company are logo is longer then it is tall so having the login image box being 116x116 made it so are logo looks a little off being squished into that box so it would be nice to be able to change its size slightly or have a few options for sizes to choose from. in the end i would just hope for some more customization options for the login screen as i feel this is a big spot in ignition that could have a lot done with it and can also really help make a project look that bit more professional.